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A Red Thread Runs Through It

Everyone has a dream to live a story to tell a song to sing a dance to dance a poem to share a healing journey a medicinal remedy a love story a teaching to offer a mountain to move a gift of wild wisdom a plan of action a desire to express a painting to paint a vision to live a legend to unfold Everyone…especially you holds a piece of the red thread. ~Invocation from Tea with the Midnight Muse by Maestra Shiloh Sophia This story begins in November 2013 at the Color of Women Graduation in Healdsburg, CA. During the several day celebration, I stepped into a dream vision and set an intention I had been thinking about for a long time with an out loud fearless declaration to the entire graduatin

Alchemy in my Life: Soul Calling Found and Realized Part 3, My new life in this life.

Kerry Lee 2011: The Year of Healing / Theme of the Year “BE OPEN” Highlights: While figuring out how I would move on from the family unit that I had always thought I’d have, I dreamt, felt and imagined a clean, quiet, light filled home with a spot of nature outdoors to land in and heal. When the time came, it was easily found on Craigslist within three days. A beautiful clean light filled in-law unit right on the Carquinez Strait with a 180 degree view of sunrise and sunset – and just within my budget, the perfect place to reflect and heal. Then I “accidentally” learned about and studied setting intentions, co-creating/manifestating and how we can become what we pay attention to. I decide

Alchemy in my Life: Soul Calling Found and Realized Part 2, College to 49 years old

Kerry / Kerry Lee: College Highlights: Tried to get back in touch with my creative side majoring in graphic design but got a “D” in pottery and couldn’t illustrate very well, so I lost my courage to voice my authentic self, the real truth of my soul calling and being a creative. Ended up receiving a degree in practical Business Administration and Marketing instead. No regrets on what I did but, “creative constipation” began and I rarely created except for an occasional cross-stitch. Kerry: Early Adult Years Highlights: Dabbled on and off in classes for drawing, painting, sculpture, beadwork, glass fusing and mosaics; always enjoyed the process, usually liked the results but no creative ju

Alchemy in my Life: Soul Calling Found and Realized Part 1, The early years

I’ll start with the story of my 50 year journey and the “thing” that laid in the bottom of my heart, the thing I could always feel but not quite grasp, how it got set free and rose to the top to be released as the gift to myself and the gift I can give others. My birth name is Kerry Lee Hedrick. I took on my husband’s name when I married but kept Hedrick as my middle name as I felt connected to the name. But now, in reflection, I realize the right brained, creative, free-spirited me from childhood is and was “Kerry Lee”. For most of my life I referred to myself as Kerry, the people pleaser who usually conformed to other peoples’ wishes to keep the peace. I put priority on keeping everyone e

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