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Musings, Magic

and Manifestations

Plus random thoughts and learning lessons from

Kerry Lee

Special to the HERALD 

What is your definition of creativity? Psychologists traditionally have defined creativity as the purposeful generation and implementation of a novel idea. Creativity has typically be...

Just a few short years ago I was missing, ignoring, an important part of my life’s callings and nudges, and not happily fitting in the corporate job and lifestyle I had created. I need

ed a change in attitu...

Sometimes a new idea is needed, especially if something isn’t working as is or you feel like there is a “better” way. And sometimes it’s challenging to see differently or we don’t even realize we have blin...

By Kerry Lee
Special to the Herald

Are work and living spaces set up for optimal creativity? I recently met Creativity Architect Donald Rattner, AIA, whose specialty is applying scientific research to the d...

By Kerry Lee
Special to the Herald

The power of intention combined with creativity. I’ve spoken of it before in this column, and oh, how fortunate was I to once again witness it recently! I participated in ...

By Kerry Lee
Special to the Herald 

We all do it. Make things. Create things. Could be at work or school, or in the kitchen, or as a fun way to spend time. However, are you paying attention when you are cre...