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Love is Eternal

Channeling Love into Art with Kerry Lee

Kerry Lee transforms your love, memories and words into art,

creating a one-of-a-kind colorful representation of your beloved. 

Choose from a magically symbolic and deeply personal tribute painting,

a simpler intuitive "healing heart" painting,

or a private online/in-person healing workshop
to create your own artwork.

Any Love is Eternal creation will help you to connect with, reminisce, and honor someone special who has passed on, channeling your stories, feelings, and handwritten notes to connect with the essence of your loved one, transcending life and time. 

Your Memories Become Art

Distilling the essence of that special someone and transforming it into a painting is truly a labor of love, and it involves an openhearted collaboration between the bereaved
and the artist, Kerry Lee.


Get in touch with Kerry Lee to explore whether a Love is Eternal painting or private workshop is the next best step in your personal healing journey.

Snowy Heart.jpg

Honoring a Beautiful Soul 

The Process

Kerry Lee starts the process with a meaningful message from family, learning about the beloved and what made them, them, and then finds inspiration and direction on the next steps for her painting process during meditation, dreams, swimming, and painting time.

Made of Memories, Paint, and Love,

By Kerry Lee.

Art is Eternal

Love is Eternal Offerings

Personal Tribute Keepsake Painting

A deeply personal, meaningful, unique creation and keepsake

to honor your beloved of any age and cherish their memory forever. 


Custom made for you by Kerry Lee.


Healing Heart
Personal Painting

A 10" x 10" painting inspired by colors, hearts and/or symbols and themes that were of special significance to you and your loved one.  

Created for you
by Kerry Lee.

kl lie workshop.JPG

Private Tribute & Healing Sessions

A beautiful in-person or online experience to freely reminisce and remember your beloved with no judgment, only love. Create your own Intentional Creativity painting and move forward in your healing. For individuals or groups.

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