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Creativity at Work: Attitude, Fear & Heart

Just a few short years ago I was missing, ignoring, an important part of my life’s callings and nudges, and not happily fitting in the corporate job and lifestyle I had created. I need

ed a change in attitude and action. I wanted to love as many moments of my life as possible. Something had to change and it started with attitude. A little over two years ago I took big action by leaving my well paid corporate role to be a soloprenuer with passion.

Have Something at Stake

What do you have a stake?

This is your why. It needs to be big; survival, self-esteem, money, or reputation, to continually motivate you to make your idea successful. For me it was all of these things. I only had six months of savings as I lost my financial security with a divorce and leaving a business we both built. I had to earn income to make my way in the world. I had an unfulfilled dream of expressing my creativity through art and transformational events, and of course I hoped to be well received with this.

Believe in Yourself

In what ways are you creative?

If you think you’re creative, you are. Creativity can be expressed in so many ways; music, writing, cooking, creating something with your hands, idea exchange and relationships, problem solving, body movement, research, storytelling and using your intuition. My creativity is primarily expressed when I paint intuitively, without a plan, and when I plan experiential events with the goal of the participants own introspection igniting their own innovation. Collaborations showcasing other’s creative abilities are expansive; the ideas and energy just keep building from there.

Get Comfortable with Fear

Where does fear hold you back?

Where are your boundaries between comfort and fear? Identify if your fear is of what might happen, the unknown, the mystery or based on past experiences. Just beyond the edge of fear could be the opportunity or experience you are looking for. I use wisdoms learned from past experiences and take one small step at a time, feeling into whether my fear is imaginary or real based on my history. Our internal compass, our innate built-in intuition, guides us well when we let it and listen.

Find your Courageous Heart

What gives you courage to act on your ideas?

To take a risk, to express your deepest self, to be really seen and heard takes courage. And courage takes heart. What gives you the courage to act out an idea? Having a well thought out plan? Faith in an idea? Past success? The first time I showed my paintings in public I had no idea how they would be received, I just knew it was time to allow my artist self to be seen simply for myself. As it turned out the show was very well received by all, giving me courage to do more, and to become more public in sharing myself with the world.

Flex Your Risk Muscle

How can you exercise your risk muscle?

If you succeed every time you try something you may be standing too close to the target (think about shooting a basketball or an arrow). If you don’t allow yourself to miss the hoop or the target every now and then you won’t figure out new ways to approach something or to innovate. We all have a risk muscle and need to keep it in shape just like our other muscles, otherwise it will atrophy and we’ll no longer be able to take risks. I have found this to be true and that small successes with each step of risk have make me stronger and fear doesn’t show up as often.

Give it a Go

How can you get started with your idea?

Dream of being the leading lady or man in a musical? You won’t be the star of the show if you aren’t willing to sing and audition. Start with singing in the shower, in a chorus, and for friends. When my Mom turned sixty-five I asked her what her life do-over would be and she said, “exploring my artistic side more”. This resonated very deeply with me and turned out to be a huge motivator. I didn’t want to be sixty-five and say the same thing. I knew it was time to give my creative side a real chance to do what I felt was within me.

Go on now, give it a go…now!! What have you really got to lose?

Next week I’ll share ideas on Creativity and Innovation.

Kerry Lee, a 25 year Benicia resident, is a Certified Intentional Creativity® Teacher and Coach, leading group workshops, experiential retreats (“Reclaim You: An Experiential Intentional Creativity Weekend for the Senses is May 19-21 in Sonoma, CA), mobile social painting parties, customized corporate team building and corporate social responsibility events and teaching essential oil lifestyle and wellness classes. Find her at / #TheAlchemicalArtist

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