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Alchemy in my Life: Soul Calling Found and Realized Part 3, My new life in this life.

Kerry Lee 2011: The Year of Healing / Theme of the Year “BE OPEN” Highlights:

  • While figuring out how I would move on from the family unit that I had always thought I’d have, I dreamt, felt and imagined a clean, quiet, light filled home with a spot of nature outdoors to land in and heal. When the time came, it was easily found on Craigslist within three days. A beautiful clean light filled in-law unit right on the Carquinez Strait with a 180 degree view of sunrise and sunset – and just within my budget, the perfect place to reflect and heal.

  • Then I “accidentally” learned about and studied setting intentions, co-creating/manifestating and how we can become what we pay attention to. I decided to do a small act of bravery every day and started a gratitude journal, five a day. I believe this was a significant shift in how I viewed life and how my brain reacted to life. Negative things soon were seemingly bouncing off me, not getting under my skin and healing was in progress.

Kerry Lee 2012: The Year of Financial Rebuilding / Theme of the Year “BELIEVE” Highlights:

  • Chose to believe that my future would be fine and I would be happy and fulfilled. Knew I needed financial recovery to “plug my ship’s holes” and sail on. Believed that could happen with a sales role in a commercial telecommunications company while knowing there was a steep learning curve. Understood that businesses needed phone and internet services so there was opportunity for significant commissions to enable rebuilding at an accelerated pace.

  • Fortune found me through the network of my beloved sport of Outrigger Canoe Paddling and I landed a large multi-location retail account plus a couple of good sized ones. Holes plugged.

Kerry Lee 2013: The Year of Declaration / Theme of the Year “TRUST” Highlights:

  • My financial ship was no longer sinking; and I could sail forward towards my dreams. My bff moved into a home with a separate workshop and she gifted to me to use as my long desired art studio.

  • On New Year’s Day I declared to the universe I was ready to find my dreams. I had thought the creative entrepreneur in me would produce and coordinate mind/body/soul and creativity retreats.

  • On Valentine’s Day 2013 I met Shiloh Sophia McCloud, and learned of the Intentional Creativity™ Method Teacher Training Program. I immediately knew she had developed the perfect fit for my life experiences and learnings, was in alignment with who I authentically was to my core and could become my fullest expression of self. My creative constipation became unblocked in the process of creating my first painting “She Releases Her Artist Soul”

  • Peace settled in and I start a very intensive year of full time telecommunications work during the day and schooling during the evenings and weekends.

Kerry Lee 2014: Year of Dreams Coming True / Theme of the Year “GRACEFUL MOMENTUM”

  • After completing training, 2014 kicks off with a bang. My first workshop sold out and subsequent workshops received heartfelt praise. I found wonderful connections and Intentional Creativity™ teachers to collaborate with.

  • Won a coveted spot in the “President’s Club” for being a high revenue producer in 2013 in my telecommunications job and was awarded a trip to Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • An amazing collaboration occurred when I met a Intentional Creativity™ classmate, Denise Daffara from Australia who heard of my dream to teach while there. We became connected through Facebook to Christchurch local Rosie McCarthy who is facilitated finding us the perfect location at The Drawing Room. The workshop with 18 spots sold out in 48 hours and a second session was opened and quickly sold out as well. The workshops were enjoyed by all and we departed with a waiting list and invitation to return! Want more? Read my article about how this came to be and watch a video of one of the workshops HERE.

…and the journey continues, building a business, realizing a dream, giving voice to my creative spirit while helping others unblock their creative constipation, release old stories, heal, grow and go for dreams of their own. That “thing” that lay in the bottom of my heart has grown wings. I am truly grateful for this life, graceful momentum and living in the midst of magic.


January 2, 2015: My last day of corporate life in the world of telecommunications and int to full time teaching in my “soul career” of teaching Intentional Creativity kicked off with a celebratory free and open to the public workshop “Your Fearless Wish for 2015”.

July 2015 Update: This dream come true “soul career” is coming in to form well. Over the past six months I have taught a series of classes at a progressive retirement community including “Your Legendary Life” that explored what was legendary about each participants’ life and what part of their lives they might like to release and let go of. We also painted about alter egos, the part of each person that they may not have let show due to cultural expectations and limits in “The Mask of Your Alter Ego”

I’ve co-taught “Lady Peace Prayer Flags” Intentional Creativity live-streamed class with my teacher Shiloh Sophia McCloud, multiple group workshops with men and women including “Meet Your Magical Muse” and “The Honey Jar: Your Sweet. Wild. Wise Self” and more.

I’ve traveled to teach corporate team building workshops that were customized to the objectives of the organization with “The Insight Process: Dare to Access the Heart of the Hero”

And I’m honored to be co-teaching again with Shiloh Sophia McCloud’s “Crucible 2015 GOLD ~ Alchemy of Entrepreneurship” August 19-22 and will also be assisting a new private school principal get acquainted with her teachers by leading a customized back to school retreat before school starts to help them identify their intentions for themselves, their students and the school for the upcoming school year.

Kerry Lee 2016: Year of FOCUS & FLOW

2016 is beginning with my “Vision Your Dream 2016 Road Tour” following the path of intention and curiosity...

I taught while traveling from Portland to San Francisco, December 23 – January 30, 2016 celebrating one year out of corporate life and in to my dream of traveling and teaching Intentional Creativity™, Aroma Art™ and doTerra Essential Oils classes.

Why did I take nearly a month to travel, teach, reflect, gain insight, set intentions, focus and plan? Because in that moment, and right now in this moment, I am able to have the freedom to do this, I want to step outside of my comfort zone to grow, and because it’s fun!

It is very clear my role has become to empower others to empower healing in themselves though the inner work of Intentional Creativity™ and the emotional and physical healing pure essential oils can support.

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