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A Creative Journey to Clarity, Confidence & Freedom


  • What format is the program? How is it delivered?
    The program is available globally online via Zoom live, or in person with special arrangements. All sessions are by appointment.
  • What art supplies will I need?
    We will use a couple of pads of 140lb watercolor paper (large and medium size), a multi-media paper journal, watercolor paints, watercolor pencils, brushes and a few other simple materials. Supplies list will be provided after Registration.
  • What if I am not an artist and can barely draw stick figures?
    No worries! The beautiful thing about The Self Discovery Wisdom School is that art is the "how" not the "why." While you will be able to play with paint and art supplies during our Group classes, the true value in the School is not in improving your artistic skills. Your drawings and paintings will become your personal expression of what you learn during Group and Individual sessions, helping you absorb and process the important information you glean about your own internal world. P.S. stick figures are welcome here!
  • How much time will I need for the program? Is there homework?
    Self discovery takes time, and so does learning to apply those discoveries into your daily life. The Self Discovery Wisdom School is an engaging, interactive multi session program. Private coaching appointments during each relevant portion of the program will be scheduled for your convenience. There is very little homework outside of the online sessions. We will also suggest integrating simple experiential exercises to enrich your daily activities and increase awareness of the discoveries. Repetition is key for change. You are welcome to spend more time on your own fine-tuning your Intentional Creativity projects, but this is optional. It took years to slowly get stuck in a life that isn't completely satisfying. The Self Discovery Wisdom School program guides you to reconnect with your true self and relearning how to navigate life more meaningfully and with greater clarity, confidence, and freedom.
  • ​How many people are in the program?
    Currently this is being offered with individual coaching only. A waiting list is forming for group sessions. Please register if you would like to be added to the mailing list or to inquire about private coaching.
  • Do you offer a payment plan?
    Yes! Kerry Lee is happy to work with you to set up a payment plan using PayPal. Please email her to request:
  • How do I know if this program is for me?
    Excellent question! The Self Discovery Wisdom School is a committment and an investment in yourself - and it's natural to wonder if it's right for you. Below are some topics that have resonated with past participants and helped them decide to join. You may be ready to take this life-changing journey to a life of clarity, confidence, and freedom if: - You are going through major changes in your life, such as a new career, taking a break from career pursuits, approaching retirement, or other similar situations - You are experiencing dissatisfaction, anxiety and/or self-doubt when you think of what's next for you personally or career-wise - You tend to care a lot about others, such as your family and/or your job, and you have a tendency to neglect your own priorities as a result - You are excited to explore your playful and/or creative side (creative skills are optional; this program is accessible to anyone. Creativity is the "how" not the "why") - You are ready to open your heart and your soul to positive change, creating in a loving, open, accepting community of like-minded people and playfully exploring the lights and shadows in your life Here is why Cheryl Hill said yes to The Self Discovery Wisdom School: You can also read how the other participants described the transformation they experienced after participating in The Self Discovery Wisdom School. Finally, you can schedule a quick chat with Kerry Lee at anytime about whether the School is right for you.
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