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Are you constantly putting off your creative projects because life gets in the way? Perhaps you have some unfinished paintings under the bed, a half written story, the beginnings of a song, 

or want to restart a favorite hobby or craft?

Come join me for monthly members only

Create With Kerry Lee Online Open Studio Sessions!

Held once a month.




Open Studios are a welcoming community of like-minded people getting together virtually to let their creativity flow. 

Take a break from your day-to-day and hop over! Any creative project will do: pen on paper, paintbrush on canvas, watercolor, sculpting, cooking... Whatever feeds your creative soul, really. And a wonderful accountability practice for your creativity.


Offered a gift to the members of my Patreon Community, for as little as $11 a month. Patreon is an online platform to help creators and artists earn a monthly income by providing rewards and perks to their subscribers.

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P.S.: Don't think you are creative?

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