A Creative Journey to Clarity, Confidence & Freedom



The Mayan Dreamspell Starseed Shooting Star

"We do not create a vision, we simply link into a piece of Universal Vision that already exists as it filters through our own perception." ​The Mayan Dreamspell shows each person's archetypal blueprint for different aspects of their consciousness and is based upon two of the Mayan Natural Time Calendars.


All the artwork in this Gallery was created during The Self Discovery Wisdom School Fall 2020 Session.

Human Design Altar

Human Design is a system uniting the ancient and modern sciences of astrology, the I’ching, the Hindu chakra system, the Kabbalah tree of life, and quantum physics. The Human Design Altar project is an important step in a journey towards understanding each person's uniqueness, including energy type, body/mind relationship, and how to best nurture the most authentic part of oneself in order to move forward in the right direction, with intention.

Kintsugi Style Journal Cover

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold, and in doing so, embracing the fact that flaws and imperfections end up creating an even stronger, more meaningful piece of art. For the Kintsugi style journal cover, participants were asked to compose a personal interpretation of broken fragments of their own lives, kept together by lines of shimmering gold.

Mandala Map - Personal Symbol

The Mandala Map is created with each participant's unique abstract symbolism, which helps them identify their own unique superpowers, get the insight they need to find their flow (and stay there), and to confidently chart their way in life following their personal North Star.

Touchstones - Discovering Your Three Guiding Words

Through the Touchstones Intentional Creativity exercise, participants go through a creative process that helps them uncover their three guiding words and include them in a personal piece of art. The owner then uses their Touchstones whenever they are in doubt about a decision to be made, and the Touchstones become their personal litmus test of whether the decision aligns with their current truths, values, and desires.

Soul-Full Wisdom Cards

With this project, participants dig deep into their limiting beliefs -- i.e., the things that are holding them back from living their most fulfilling life. Then, they create a set of abstractly painted cards and write down the antidote to each limiting belief, as well as a positive affirmation. This mindfully creative project helps participants recognize where their limiting beliefs are not actually true, allowing them to let go of old limitations from the past.

Strengths & Talents Symbol Drawing

 The Strengths and Talent Drawing isn't about surface-level talents that people are generally aware of like singing, painting, or sports. This creative, playful and deeply meaningful exercise allows each person to uncover their unique, natural combination of innermost talents and strenghts, empowering them to live a free, aligned, and confident life.

Tree of Balance & Wisdom

This project brings out the Tree as a metaphor of personal growth, firmly rooted in values and authentic beliefs, growing towards the Sun with positivity. Each part of the tree from the roots symbolizing gratitude and strength, to the new spring leaves representing new growth and possibilities, is linked to each person's present life and dreams for the future.