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A Creative Journey to Clarity, Confidence & Freedom



The Mayan Dreamspell Starseed Shooting Star

While creating your own completely unique artwork ​you will discover the positive aspects of your Dreamspell archetype which guide you to the feeling and experience of being in the ease and flow of life.

Discoveries also include your archetype's symptoms; the thoughts and behaviors that pull you out of flow.

And very importantly, how to course correct.

This seemingly magical system is a great tool for helping to observe your current circumstances

from a fresh perspective and to help us uncover any blockages programmed by external conditioning and culture that may be holding you back from discovering your own truth and full potential held within.

Your Human Design Altar

Human Design gives you permission to be who you know, deep down inside, that you were born to be. Sometimes people lose their way or get confused because of other people’s expectations and conditioning.


When you understand your design and live from your personal map for living life,

you gain the trust in yourself that always steers you back to yourself.

The Human Design Altar project is an important step in a journey

towards understanding your own uniqueness.


The project includes your Strategy ~  along your life path are the people you are here to meet, the experiences you are here to have that lead you to the synchronicities and blessings that bring deep fulfillment.  Your Authority; how to make decision that are best for you and your path. Self care ideas on how to best nurture the most authentic part of yourself in order to move forward in the right direction,

with intention. And your Super Power and strategies to unleash your Super Power.