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Alchemy in my Life: Soul Calling Found and Realized Part 1, The early years

I’ll start with the story of my 50 year journey and the “thing” that laid in the bottom of my heart, the thing I could always feel but not quite grasp, how it got set free and rose to the top to be released as the gift to myself and the gift I can give others.

My birth name is Kerry Lee Hedrick. I took on my husband’s name when I married but kept Hedrick as my middle name as I felt connected to the name. But now, in reflection, I realize the right brained, creative, free-spirited me from childhood is and was “Kerry Lee”. For most of my life I referred to myself as Kerry, the people pleaser who usually conformed to other peoples’ wishes to keep the peace. I put priority on keeping everyone else happy more than keeping keep my free spirited creative side alive and well. But now after a half a decade long journey…Kerry Lee is back.

This is my journey to of find that part of myself again:

Kerry Lee: Elementary School Years Highlights:

  • Playing in my friend’s garage turned craft room and losing track of time when in that magical place of creative expression.

  • My first published piece of artwork – a drawing of a basket of fruit in The San Francisco Chronicle.

  • Budding Entrepreneur and Creative – baking and selling decorated and yummy cupcakes door to door in my neighborhood. Designing and making “press on” wire earrings for my classmates whose parents wouldn’t let them have pierced ears.

  • Spent a year in Cambridge, England where italic handwriting and cross stitch embroidery were a part of the standard curriculum. It seems silly but I loved it as it fed my creative spirit.

Kerry Lee – Early Teenage Years Highlights:

  • Having my drawing get chosen for a school yearbook cover and winning a McDonald’s coloring contest by creating and coloring outside the lines. And my prize? A ten-speed bike I had been saving money to purchase.

Kerry: High School Highlights:

  • Guided by my parents, with good intention, to take math and science and pass over the art classes to learn the skills needed to succeed in life. Meanwhile, I watched from afar, coveting the projects my peers were creating in art classes, people pleaser Kerry Lee didn’t speak up.

To Read Part II - College to 49 years, click HERE

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