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Intentional Creativity®

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Intentional Creativity Workshop

Find Your Magic, Meaning, and Inspiration!

Discover yourself through art, no experience required!

Developed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Curator of MUSEA: Center for Intentional Creativity and her mentor Sue Hoya Seller, Intentional Creativity® is a guided step-by-step method of painting that can release blocks, transform old stories into empowering new endings, and create clarity and vision for the future. Everything within us, past, present, and future, lives in a story. By creating with mindfulness and intention, whether making a soup, a garden, a business plan or a painting, we are more present because we chose to be. The results are different than if we are not paying attention. Activating both sides of the brain helps to discover something new or forgotten.

Kerry Lee became a Certified Teacher & Coach in 2013 and has added her own signature style, focus and spice to this transformational method of creativity through The Self Discovery Wisdom School, Corporate Team Building & Professional Development Events and interactive experiential murals. 

Your intuitive and wise inner self is your compass and "The Alchemical Artist" in you. Kerry Lee is your guide to lead and walk with you through the Intentional Creativity method.



"The Muse", your wise inner voice is "The Alchemical Artist" in you. Kerry Lee is your guide to help you transform old thoughts and memories and into empowering new stories and to tap into new ideas and visions for the future.

Sign up below for our FREE Intentional Creativity 5-Day Challenge to Find Your Magic, Meaning, and Inspiration. No Experience Needed, Only Basic Art Supplies.

With an open mind and open heart, 

there is magic in this method for all!

"This experience was wonderful for me. It was my first time putting a paintbrush to canvas, and I took delight at following Kerry Lee's instructions, doing whatever made sense and watching the painting come to life, step by step. It was a liberating and inspiring experience.  I had fun, tapped into a deeper creativity and created a piece of art I am proud of and am in awe of. If you want to treat yourself to a heart and mind opening experience, check it out. Kerry Lee is a joy to work with." 

Mark Michael Lewis

Business Coach and Entrepreneur


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The Free 5-Day Challenge to Find Your Magic, Meaning and Inspiration

If you'd love to get a little taste of the magical, creative, transformative Intentional Creativity techniques used during
The Self Discovery Wisdom School, completely FREE, this is your chance! Just fill out the form below to get 5 YouTube Intentional Creativity Video Classes taught by Kerry Lee, which you can watch at your convenience. You will need only basic art supplies, a willingness to be creative, and be ready to have fun!

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