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Your Creative Journey to Clarity, Confidence & Freedom


These testimonials were collected after The Self Discovery Wisdom School Fall 2020 Inaugural Session

Image by Pauline Loroy

I came to the Self Discovery Wisdom School feeling lost and unsure of what to do next. My responsibilities as a single mother raising a teenage son, together with my job search and pursuit of a second degree left me feeling like I was just running through life checking all the right boxes, but I wasn't really fulfilled. 

The Intentional Creativity projects were excellent to help me understand myself in a way that was intuitive and easy. I liked the freedom of interpreting each project in my own way and expressing my creativity, and in the end, I realized that I really need a creative outlet in my life. I realized how important it is to ENJOY what I am doing, so I can continue to do things that keep me in the flow -- and say no to things that don't. 

I received a lot of value from the individualized sessions with the guides. They are all wonderful people that understand what it feels like and are walking with us, not just teaching us. Now that I know my personal process, I can make decisions confidently, make the best use of my time and energy, and jump on the right opportunities as soon as they present themselves. The Self Discovery Wisdom School really changed me, making me much more confident, creative and positive in the way I navigate life.

C.O., California

Mom and student

These testimonials were collected after The Self Discovery Wisdom School Fall 2020 Inaugural Session

Image by Ben White

Before The Self Discovery Wisdom School, I lacked confidence and drive, often feeling scattered and aimless, a disappointment to myself and others. I really needed a new direction, a new perspective.

The Self Discovery Wisdom School was life changing. It didn’t just give me direction, it helped me understand myself and my real priorities. I dug into some of my past decisions that I felt bad about and forgave myself because those were important lessons that I needed to learn. The Intentional Creativity activities were well designed, effective, and in the right order, making it easy to follow along the path of self-discovery. 

The CliftonStrengths section was helpful in understanding where I can keep growing my own strengths and where I can lean on others. That flowed into Human Design where I understood my personal “whys” behind every decision I’ve made and the feelings I have when things aren't going right. Then during the Mayan Dreamspell I learned some of the ingrained ways I tend to limit my own possibilities, and now that I am aware, I acknowledge those limits, but they no longer hold power over me.

The community was great, too. Working on the projects, sharing with others openly, feeling the comfort level rise with each person each week, and just showing up authentically, no judgment. Kerry Lee needs to know how special this experience is. Great package. Great value. Being in the group was fun, felt natural, comforting, welcoming, and kind - everybody was super awesome. The program is fantastic, getting much more value than I thought I would. It’s amazing. 

C.H., Florida

Transitioning to new career

These testimonials were collected after The Self Discovery Wisdom School Fall 2020 Inaugural Session

Image by Amy Hirschi

Before signing up for The Self Discovery Wisdom School, I had just started consulting after I lost my job due to the Covid pandemic. In this time of transition, I was having trouble moving forward because fear and anxiety about the future were holding me down.

The Self Discovery Wisdom School immediately became a perfect break from my daily to-dos. Being together with a group doing intentional art is connected and fun. This program really integrates the self-discoveries viscerally, doesn’t just give intellectual learning and knowledge that may or may not stick. Kerry Lee has the ability and power to adapt in the moment and infuse her positive happy attitude into everything, and we don't stress, because she doesn't stress.

Working with Liesel on CliftonStrengths helped me fully embrace my strong suits, instead of doubting myself. I deeply value relationships, both personally and professionally, and now I know how to allow them the necessary time and energy. Knowing my talents and aptitudes also helps me do my work better and with greater clarity. What feels good for me and my way is just fine – it doesn’t have to be the world's way. 

I had learned about Human Design before, but it didn’t really stick because it wasn’t integrated in a way that felt natural or memorable. The art projects created during this section turned out to be really meaningful and now I can look at them whenever I need a reminder in life. And the Mayan Dreamspell provided interesting insights on some relationship challenges I’ve had – and it’s my coolest art piece. 

K.K., California


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Kerry Lee

Testimonials are excerpted from client interviews of The Self Discovery Wisdom School participants.

Only initials have been provided to protect their privacy. The images are stock photos for illustration only.

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