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Corporate Team Building


The Intentional Creativity process can work with the principles of the future... 

Where Introspection Ignites Innovation

The philosophy and offerings of Intentional Creativity are uniquely equipped to bring teams into alignment with how to access new ideas and build collaboration and team working skills.

No experience is needed. 

"Right-brainers will rule this century."

- Daniel Pink, Author of "A Whole New Mind"

We are often hired by our clients for our unique vision and creative approach to access certain qualities and to bring them out in the participants. The participants then can put them into service for the company they work for. This transformation is often very immediate because it is about shifting the perspective of the person in such a way that they are actually more inspired about what is possible.

DESIGN – Our offerings can be customized towards our client’s objectives. The creativity activity is accessed through the participant’s right brains and hearts with a step-by-step method that it is engaging, and personally meaningful and fun.

STORY – Each workshop begins with specific inquiries in which narrative is created and woven together into physical image, symbol, color and language.

SYMPHONY – By creating a story from often disconnected inquiries, new ideas, correlations and insights can be formed.

EMPATHY – This work always takes into consideration those who are being served – that includes the participant, and the client or student that they serve. Through accessing our ‘care’ for what we do, we are moved toward solutions that empower all those who are associated.

PLAY– This “work” is fun because we not only work with creative materials but because most people ‘enjoy’ an experience which expands their capacity to think and access their own insights!

MEANING – At some point in our lives, most people find themselves at a loss for relevancy in their life – wondering what it is all about. When we work with right brain in connection with left-brain and the heart, the ‘meaning’ appears that was not visible before. Intentional Creativity ‘reveals’ what was not able to be seen with the thinking of the left-brain in isolation. People come away with an understanding of their contribution and it’s meaning and value.

At the end of the day, transformation can occur with a shift of a creative thinking block, a spark of a new idea, and a team that has a better understanding of each other and the objectives of the day. The Intentional Creativity method isn’t something for ‘artists’ or right brainers – it is a way of expanding performance potential from within the heart of every participant.

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