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A Creative Journey to Clarity, Confidence & Freedom



Kerry Lee has been incredibly helpful to help me discover things inside myself that I don’t see. She's like a gentle guide dog. With her help I’m becoming unstuck in a lot of aspects of my life that I’ve struggled with, including severe, crippling anxiety. I highly recommend her to anyone who can’t figure out how to solve a problem area of their lives, or just wants more life back.   


~ Alyssa, Archeologist and Discovering ME

Who are the guides?

Your results will be as unique as your fingerprints. You will have personalized individual guided quests and get to experience community and like-minded people on the same journey. Four unique methods of self-discovery, with four different specialized guides, will help you integrate a holistic new perspective of you. 


Liesel Teversham

Liesel Teversham, Gallup Strengths Coach & Advanced Emotional Freedom Techninque Practioner  helps her clients to build confidence. She helps them to work through the blocks and fears that stop them, and find and embrace their true, authentic strengths. Some of her favorite tools are EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping), and the Gallup Strengthsfinder. Used together, they provide a solid foundation for anyone who wants to make a difference in the world in their unique, way.

Meet Our Guides

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Sandy Freschi

Sandy Freschi, Level 4 Human Design Blueprint Consultant and Intuitive Guide. Her initial Human Design training was through Karen Curry Parker, where she obtained the highest level of certification. Since then, she has integrated wisdom from traditional and non-traditional schools of Human Design to enhance the intuitive way that she reads the chart. Through the system of Human Design, Sandy provides life-changing insights and practical guidance that increase your confidence and clarity about who you are, why you’re here, and how to leverage your energy to get the most from your life.

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Stephen Henderson

Stephen Henderson, Metaphysician, Self-Empowerment Coach, Workshop

Facilitator, Eco-therapist, Photographer and Artist. Stephen worked for over 25 years as an international fashion and beauty photographer in London. 


After a serious debilitating and life changing windsurfing accident, Stephen embarked on a spiritual pilgrimage of esoteric wisdom and self-mastery. His travels have led him around the world, studying and working with many indigenous medicine people and holistic practitioners from various cultures. From his Pagan Celtic roots in Great Britain Stephen took flight alongside the eagle on his own magical journey of self-transformation. 

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Kerry Lee, The Alchemical Artist, Certified Intentional Creativity® Facilitator, Certified GOLDEN Artist Educator and Silver Brush Ltd. Educator. 

The seeds of her creative entrepreneurial spirit started at age 8 when baked beautiful cupcakes for neighborhood moms to co-founding a specialty coffee roastery and has a 35-year award winning corporate business career. 


She guides her clientele through a process of self-discovery, connection and metamorphosis. She teaches how intention can enhance intuition, clarity, wisdom, communication, community and joy. Her ability to hold warm, inspiring and uniquely personalized sacred space in gatherings is her genius during corporate team building events, professional development sessions for teachers and school administrators, workshops for the general public and her private coaching clients. And no experience is ever needed as there is magic in these methods for all!


Kerry Lee’s art including public interactive experiential murals can be found from the San Francisco Bay Area to New Zealand.

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