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Personalized Color Analysis

Where art and science come together to determine your perfect personal color palette.

Four seasons of color alone cannot describe the beautiful range of individual palettes available in this computer assisted method. Based on your eye, skin and hair color a custom-made palette from millions of combinations is created by hand to complement your unique coloring. Your palette is unique to you and almost as individual as your fingerprint. 

Color has three perceptual attributes: Hue, Value and Chroma

Artist Kerry Lee uses Color Coordinate Swatches to analyze the hue, value and chroma of your skin, hair and eye color. 


These colors are selected for the best overall representation of your personal coloring and then the coordinates are analyzed in computer software to create your seasonal name, i.e. the True Azure Summer is shown below. Kerry Lee is a Contrasting Panache Autumn.

As part of the process you’ll see “the magic of color” as Kerry Lee uses fabric drapes to in comparative colors to help you see your own harmony of colors. 

Would you like to know...

Which specific colors brighten and enhance your natural coloring so you look your most vibrant?

The best color combination of colors to enhance your skin, hair and eye tones? And learn the which colors project different moods, ie which color makes you look most comfortable and approachable?

How to use color to enhance your silhouette, to appear more mature or younger and for color balance when for you outfits?

 How and where to use lights, brights and darks for your clothing, accessories, hair color and make up and know how to look good, better or your best?

After you receive your palette, you'll get detailed written instructions on how to use your personalized colors to look good, look better or look your best!

Contrasting Panache Autumn

True Azure Summer

At your party, receive a personal Color Analysis session and receive four compact customized color wheel swatch sets.

Basics for coats, blouses, jackets, dresses, shoes, belts and handbags – your enduring style investment pieces.

Basic Brights for coats, blouses, jackets, slacks, basic dresses, shoes belt and handbags - your contemporary styling.

Lights for blouses, evening wear, lingerie and warm-weather wear, skin, hair and eye colors and metallics – for warm weather, patterns and to enhance skin tone.

Accents for fashionable blouses, scarves, jackets, sweaters, dresses and casual wear – your unique style statement and creative flair. 

After you receive your palette, you'll have detailed written instructions on how to use your personalized colors and know how to look good, look better or look your best!
$125 per person for group parties of 5-7. 
Perfect for hair salons, boutiques, ladies groups, bridal party gifts, professional organizations and just for fun!
Hostess will receive a complementary Extended 40 Color Lifestyle Palette Color Swatch Wheel with 6 guests.


Extended 40 Color Lifestyle Palette Color Swatch Wheel for even more choices and variations when ordered during your color analysis party, $75.

Ordered separately $97. 

Individual appointments are $200

for a two appointment session. 

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