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Love is Eternal

Healing personalized abstract paintings to honor babies and beloveds who have passed on.

Are you looking for a unique way to honor a beloved who has passed on? A colorful keepsake.
A one-of-a-kind personal artwork.

Your handwritten words, love, emotion and memories are channeled it into a one of a kind artwork. This is an intuitive process and each painting is unique, colorful and meaningful. And one of a kind, just like your beloved.

Made with Love by Kerry Lee.

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is the breath of life.

Kerry Lee is an intuitive artist and healer whose purpose is art that makes a difference. She specializes in creating art around life celebrations and bereavement to create one of a kind keepsakes honoring those who have passed on as well as celebrations of life. 

She is the founder of the Self Discovery Wisdom School, an immersive, life-changing online program using science, ancient wisdom, innovation and introspection to  create meaningful, transformative soulful art and guiding her clients to a life of clarity, confidence, and freedom


After breaking through a 35 year case of "creative constipation" she is honored to be a Certified Intentional Creativity® Teacher and a Golden Artist Colors & Silver Brush Ltd. Artist Educator.


Her in-person resilience team building programs include Corporate Team Building, Officiating Life Celebration & Ceremonies, and creating Experiential Interactive Public Murals

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An Interview with Kerry Lee:

Giving Voice to Those Who Can Not Speak

Creating a Murder Trial Impact Statement Through Intentional Creativity

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Giving Voice to Those Who Can Not Speak 

Case Study & Photo Album:

ne of the surprising paths to me is that I have been led to work with grief, death and giving voice to those who cannot speak. 

I would like to share my path with to honor lives, process grief, discover my gifts using healing art with this case study.

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Guest Appearance

This was a fun conversation with the lovely Amy Isaman about intentional creativity, being in the flow, and finding joy when creating, whether it's a painting or anything else. Listen to the episode and subscribe to hear more from Amy.

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Create with Me!

This is a time to create together, apart. Bring a project to work on, or start something new and we’ll enjoy time creating, relaxing in the process, and enjoying friends new and old.




With CliftonStrengths

The CliftonStrengths method taught by Liesel Teversham is all about focusing energy on your natural talents and what's already working, rather than fixing weaknesses. It's SO effective!





After much trial, error, and creative experimentation since 2009, I stopped living in other people's expectations and discovered my life's greatest purpose.

Now I teach others to do the same.

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Your personal compass
to life

Stop overthinking and tune into your body to get clues for your next best decision - and each one thereafter. Sandy Freschi helps people build a personal compass using Creativity and Human Design.

"I highly recommend Kerry Lee

as a painting tutor, life coach and healer.


It was healing and cathartic.

I definitely feel more about peace with my Father's passing."

~Julie Hassall

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